Quotidian (6)

6 June 2018 | Wednesday of the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time

It is also the memorial of Saint Norbert, Bishop.

Archbishop of Magdeburg, he helped Pope Innocent II to triumph over the anti-pope Anacletus. He founded the Order of Premonstratensians, and died A.D. 1134.

On this feast I am reminded of friend’s story, who while studying at Oxford met an Norbertine abbot-Father, and my friend asked, “Abbot Father, what would you say is the charism that you and your brethren attempt to foster at your abbey and in your order?” And the Abbot Father said, simply, “Elegance, darling.”

A short piece on the Norbertines from New Liturgical Movement

Lastly, I direct you to the First Things articles of Norbertine Michael W. Hannon, whose story you can read here:

“Against Heterosexuality” (First Things, March 2014) [link; and a reply to his many replies]

“Some Millennial Frustrations with America’s New Evangelization” (First Things, 2 February 2014) [link]

“The Dominican Option” (First Things, 15 July 2013) [link]

Reading: Sam Guzman, “Work, Faith, and the Paradox of Grace” (The Catholic Gentleman, 5 June 2018) [link]

Norbertine Abbey Church, Averbode, Belgium

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C.H. McCants